Wickerham & Lomax

Daniel Wickerham

Born 1986. Columbus, Ohio.

2005–2009. BFA. Maryland Institute College of Art. Baltimore, Maryland.

Lives/works in Baltimore, MD.

Malcolm Lomax

Born 1986. Abbeville, South Carolina.

2005–2009. BFA. Maryland Institute College of Art. Baltimore, Maryland.

Lives/works in Baltimore, MD.




April 2017

DUOX4Odell’s: You’ll Know If You Belong
Neighborhood Lights / Light City
(The Former) Everyman Theatre, Baltimore, MD

September 2016

Local Atonement: A nutshell study of unexplained death

American Medium, Brooklyn, NY

April 2016


Terrault Contemporary, Baltimore, MD

November 2015

August 2015

Take Karaoke: A Proposition for Performance Art

Cohen Gallery, Brown University, Providence, RI

BOY’Dega: Behind the Scenes

ISEA, Vancouver, BC, Canada

July 2015

Swiper, no swiping!

AC Institute, New York, NY

June 2015

Exhibition of the Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize Finalists

Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD

March  2015

Girth Proof Pt. II

Springsteen Gallery, Baltimore, MD

January 2015

June 2014

Girth Proof

Dem Passwords, Los Angeles, CA

BOY’Dega: BOND Salon

Link Art Center (Link Cabinet), Brescia, Italy

May 2014

BOY’Dega Edited4Syndication

New Museum (First Look), New York, NY

Online at http://duoxduox.com/boyd/

BOY’Dega: Encore in the AFTA LYFE

Frieze Art Fair, with Artists Space, New York, NY

Online at http://duoxduox.com/boyd/aftalyfe/

January 2012

DUOX4Larkin, with catalogue

Artists Space, New York, NY

Fast-fashion collaborations infiltrate an incubation operation, forcing its employees into mutant production modes and customized exit strategies.

April 2011

Break My Body, Hold My Bones

CCS Bard Hessel Museum, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

Commissioned works use friendship and first dates as surrogates for collaboration strategies.

July 2010

MoMT (Museum of Modern Twink)

GLCCB (former Lambda Rising bookstore), Baltimore, MD

DUOX’s museum hosts objects and artifacts of an elastic (and as-yet unrealized) stereotype.

October 2009

King Me

Open Space Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Exhibition repurposes the linearity of Baltimore’s Charles Street as an approach to quotidian routine.


July 2016

Open Sessions 7: Hibernating Plan

The Drawing Center, New York, NY

June 2016

ALT ESC: Post Real World

Stream Gallery, New York, NY

February 2014

Pike & Rose Audio Visual Arts Festival

Rockville, MD

January 2014

Baltimore, Contemporary Cross Section

Silvermine Arts Center, New Canaan, CT

May 2012

BOY’Dega PreViz in Undetectable, with catalogue

La MaMa La Galleria, New York, NY

A visionless prototype (BOY’D) throws a desktop through a storefront window. The resulting storyboard suggests a merger/marriage/mirage.

June 2011

Liste Exhibition

Contemporary Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD

As two ice purses melt, their contents transubstantiate, exposing an overlap of the public/private, interior/exterior, potential/impotent.

May 2011

Get There

Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn, NY

DUOX get dressed for—but unattend—a party, providing a link between extracurricular communities.

Prizes & Awards


Janet & Walter Sondheim Prize




Station North: Neighborhood Lights, Baltimore, MD

Collective Address, New York

Press and Publications

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