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BOY'Dega: Edited4Syndication

BOY'Dega Edited4Syndication

Online May 9, 2014

An ORIGINAL FICTION evolves into a Based on a True Story to destabilize
the roles of an ensemble cast: the character, the actor, the fan, the author

Director: DUOX

Genre: Reality Crime Drama

You were constructed but from parts, nameless. You were given electricity (technology), were forced to socialize, to ask fundamental questions about being human. You found your ensemble cast, forcing a contamination but giving you what you’d been lacking—family. Losing (sharing) a little self to gain a little other, maximizing endurance, increasing longevity. And from contamination: syndication. From family: impostors, progeny, and deviations.

Television’s evolving penchant for storytelling has given way to its own peripheral distribution platforms such as: Hulu, Netflix, official show sites, and fan sites that inform a show’s episodic universe. These central narratives can also manage to be at odds with their syndicated selves, leading towards: moralizing re-edits, binge viewing, appropriation, shared commentary, and further convolution. Through these, a new story evolves that implicates the collective makers, participants, and addicts as formidable foes to the show’s creators.

BOY’Dega: Edited 4 Syndication is a website that uses a model to extrapolate scenarios and visuals from systems that seek to either qualify or quantify the body in the urban sphere, and through levels of role confusion create a form of security through obscurity. The site is a supplemental to the show’s non-existence, a consciously chosen mirage based on aspects of HBO’s The Wire. The model posits the nature of interchangeability through a set of key roles in any show’s cannon: the character, the author, the fan, and the actor working towards a dissolving of their stability. HBO’s The Wire presented a metropolis where bureaucratic institutions and the people they quantify are steeped in codes, hierarchies, and modes of conduct while simultaneously policing each other. The show’s creator David Simon uses the phrase “juking the stats” to refer to institutions that set up systems and test only to benefit from their results directly. This phrase/action, implying moral ambiguity, sets a working model for his series. The nature of this ambiguity lead us to our model and a set of 5 central terms as modes of operation.

B:E4S presents itself as fan-fiction parlaying as an artwork both intended to inform one another by taking a Trojan Horse and trapping it in the droste effect. Distanciation, the supplemental, cultural practices, process/procedural, and self preservation cause further proliferation, engender new forms to present ideas of propagation, of reproduction, of mutation, of generation, and of moving from a place of origin to a Frankenstenian notion of selfhood.


A. Debra
1. Real construction worker sited during the production of the Larkin show that was folded into the work as a reference. Hair matching construction vest and uniform; catalyst.Then we allowed her to outgrow her influence and have a prominent position in the work.
2. A professional surrogate commissioned to produce Boy’d: DUOX4Larkin installation.

B. Boy’d
1. The progeny of DUOX as an attempt at male pregnancy (Couple Narrative of collaboratives).
2. The narrative surrounding his birth becomes an adaptation for a miniseries.

C. Casper Sondar (Norris)
1. Debra’s replacement and the caretaker for Boy’d after her departure.
2. Becomes the lead actor in the Boy’dega miniseries.
3. M to F transition where he becomes REBEKA.

D. Mick Loan
1. A stand up comedian that basically functions as a paternal figure. He is composed of 17 references, that are attributed to both him and us as artist. It provides us with the space to tell a boy meets girl story.
2. Faith Cotem is a minor character in Mick’s narrative.

E. Beof Loeb and Dez Armond
Functions as a representation of DUOX in a simultaneous narrative. Yet they have a different set of actions and histories, and are suppose to feel like index of our reality.

F. The Holy Eight
Nayte as Boy’d (lead protagonist in Boy’dega series)
Betty as Bond (transgender wife)
Adam as Justice (Bond’s boyfriend)
Ken as Genesis (Boy’ds friend)
Anoushe as Cassandra (Boy’ds older friend and confidant)
Maggie as Kimbra (Boy’ds female partner)
Abdu as Christof (Boy’ds Male partner)
Lawrence as Eliot (Christof’s bestfriend)

G. Leslie Cochran
1. An Austin, Texan socialite who like Casper was homeless and instead of using him as a mere reference, because they had so many similarities we assumed some genealogical link. Leslie became His father.
2. Inspiration for Rebeka’s last name.

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