Beof & Loeb (Stage Parents) Debra (@ Johns Hopkins) Mick Loan Leslie Cochran Mike Farley (Judge @ Fan Contest) JD Williams (Fan Contest Finalist)
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1. How committed to the show are the creators? And will they be at the convention this fall?
At this time the representatives will be going on behalf of the creators. They will no longer make public appearances because they fear acid being thrown in their eyes.

2. In one of the opening scenes a person is killed, how did you decide whom it would be?
As long as the creators could reserve their deaths for the second season the selection was easy, anyone could go.

3. Who will be guest starring in the new seasons of the series?
Guest stars haven't been tapped for the new season,the show is still influx regarding that and will continue to extrapolate from the established model of actor:character::fan:author.

4. How does a collaborative apply for the BOY'Dega fan competition?
A collaborative must state their most mediocre intentions and upon devising them neglect to do that.

5.Can you submit for two categories in the fan competition? Can the clothes for the garment submission be folded?
You can submit to two categories, but no hybridized objects. You can fold the clothing if they're based on Miyake.

6. If you don't have scars can you use bruises?
No, trust your scars.

7. What snacks are the cast favorites back stage?
Krafty Services, V.S.O.P and Coffee

8.Which cast members use their lives most to draw inspiration?
Dax and Max

9. Who makes the least money on the cast?
The creators.

10. How did you pick your cast members?
A reverse lottery, a non-fate, they chose BOY'Dega.