Beof & Loeb (Stage Parents) Debra (@ Johns Hopkins) Mick Loan Leslie Cochran Mike Farley (Judge @ Fan Contest) JD Williams (Fan Contest Finalist)

Submission ID 45720

REBEKA Leslie (episode submission)

Submission ID 28930

Dallas Livingston (theatre submission)

Submission ID 32930

Sam Lampton (theatre submission)
Based on the actor who plays BOY’D in the mini-series, this theater production looks at Norris during the time of his homelessness. It depicts endurance yoga/headstands on top of a Coca-Cola bottle. Street handle is #Cheshire. An upside-down smile, a bottle, and a yoga mat make for a minimal production. The show’s twist happens at the end of the first act, when he slips into the bottle head first like a sailboat. He experiences a new reality and is surrounded by money. Will channeling Houdi set him free?

Submission ID 30298

J.D. Williams (character study submission)

Submission ID 45720

Seth Gilliam (set design submission)

Submission ID 45720

Victor Patrick (prop submission)
The set is a merger of the 40/40 club and the staging for a film involving special effects. It is a greenscreen dream that has behind the scenes edge. It is at once a mirage and hologram then the forcefulness of realism—the present tense.

Submission ID 97364

Imgen Atien (product design submission)

Submission ID 76483

Harold Smith (wardrobe design submission)
cigarette burns, broken fingers, eyeball, coming out, pagers with a beachbody shirt over their clothing

Submission ID 49830

Raymond Belcher (character study submission)

Submission ID 54302

Tiffany Searles (character study submission)
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