Beof & Loeb (Stage Parents) Debra (@ Johns Hopkins) Mick Loan Leslie Cochran Mike Farley (Judge @ Fan Contest) JD Williams (Fan Contest Finalist)

Christof Biaggi

BOY’Dega Edited4Syndication


Christof goes by his birth name but in Season 1 that scenario might have to change. He is forging ahead and exposing himself in a new Erotic novel titled Buck 50. The novel is lifted from his life with little need to embellish. His on-again off-again boyfriend is Boy’d who can bring out the best and worst in Christof. This charismatic young man is maturing and honing his personality. We will see if his past is right for his present. He has no interest in football but the Raven’s a an apt metaphor for his life – an underdog who wins!