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Eliot Brown

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Questions of queer embodiment in a “post-AIDS” culture are posed in a multimedia installation by the Baltimore-based collaboration DUOX (Malcolm Lomax and Daniel Wickerham). What are the forms, information pills affects, case capacities, and connections of the queer body? How does it respond to the legacy of AIDS – no longer experienced as an overt crisis in the gay community, but no less constitutive of its practices? How does queerness inhabit the landscape of online avatars, social networking, viral video, and multiple forms of digital being? Merging digital and analog technologies through a practice informed by performance and appropriation, DUOX presents an environment that reflects on and embodies an emergent sensibility: the becoming-viral of the digital queer.Nathan Lee, curator

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Eliot is a Bal-more native and it comes across in his personality. As a short lived military brat he has seen more than most boys who were born here. At the corner carry out he works hard but dreams of a better life. He believes in making his own luck but isn’t certain about the exact recipe. Keeping his mug shot in his left pocket is a superstition he got from his best friend Christof. He is excited by new projects and has a tendency to be overly trusting. If he wasn’t so interested in the opposite sex everything would be simpler. How will the voice of his generation speak loud enough to be heard?